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ISB Winterbreak Soccer Matchplay Camp

Boys and girls from UES (G3-5) and MS (G6-8) can register now for ClubFootball’s Winterbreak Soccer Matchplay Camp at ISB!

Camps teach a range of football skills and techniques, all focused around improving the players’ allround matchplay game. Each session is broken into 4 45 mins blocks, with some blocks allocated to technical training and others to coached matchplay where players put their skills into practice in matchplay situations.

There are two camps, Camp 1 from Dec 20-24th, and Camp 2 from Dec 27-31st,  and sessions are held each day from 15:00-18:00. Players of all levels are welcome, and sessions are designed and coached by ClubFootball's qualified UK coaches.


Camp Content

The camp curriculum (and all ClubFootball programmes) follows the ‘4-Corner Model’ as espoused by the English Football Association. This means that the course and each individual session is designed specifically to develop the Technical & Tactical, Physical, Psychological and Social areas.

Each day is based around a particular footballing country, with players studying the skills and techniques the country is famous for! Each session is broken into 4 learning blocks, and how the skills and techniques apply in modern matchplay is the focus throughout.


Camps Schedule

All camps are held on the artificial turf fields in the Dome at ISB, with a maximum of 16 players per group. Grades 3-5 can choose Camp 1 (20-24th Dec) or Camp 2 (27-31st Dec), while the Camp for Middle School girls runs from 20-24th Dec and the Camp for Middle School boys runs from 27-31st Dec.


Course Notes


Important Update: All parents are asked to read the club's Discount & Refund Policies and Bad Weather & Pollution Policies before registering. The Registrations Policy sets out rules for discounts and refunds, and also clarifies venue rules and tips on how to get the best from your course. The Bad Weather & Pollution policies clarify procedures for cancellations due to rain and snow, and sets out API limits for each type of course, as well as the procedures to be followed should pollution readings require cancellation. 


In particular, please note that to ensure parents have quick access to weather information, cancellations due to weather will be posted on the club’s WGQXJuniors Weixin/WeChat account. Please note that from Spring 2017, to ensure the fastest possible access to information for parents, weather info will only be posted on the club's Weixin account and not on the club website.


Please note that for better service, each parent will be invited to join a specific WeChat group for their child’s course. This group will be used for providing information on course content to help you get the most from your ClubFootball course, as well as important news on new courses, matches, venue changes and weather issues.


How To Register


To register for the course, please:

1.  Click here to download a Registration Form and read through the registration notes on side 2 carefully.

2. Fill in the form clearly and send it to ClubFootball by WeChat or to along with a screenshot of your payment. Please note your place on the course will only be confirmed once payment and registration form have been received. This is particularly the case due to Covid-19 procedures, so everyone MUST fill in a registration form and pay their course fee to book a place.

3. Pay your course fee: ClubFootball’s Alipay information is below. Please be sure to write your child’s name, group, and your mobile number in the notes so we can identify the payment as yours.
Account name: 北京万国群星足球俱乐部有限公司

Please note: to ensure groups are well-organised, paying on the first day of the course is not permitted, and places are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Thank you for your understanding!

For more information, please follow our official WeChat (WGQXJuniors) or call 5130  6893/4/5/6.

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