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International School of Beijing (ISB), Shunyi: Autumn 2017


Boys and girls can register this Autumn for ClubFootball's Soccer Coaching & Development Programme at International School of Beijing (ISB)!


Skills Courses (Level 1) at International School of Beijing (ISB) run at weekends and give players of all abilities the perfect opportunity to enjoy their football and develop their skills & understanding of the game, whether they are continuing from a previous course, or are totally new to the game. Players also have the opportunity to put their skills into practice at the Nike ClubFootball Junior Cup, the club’s Festival of Football, held at ISB on the weekend of 4/5th November!


Experienced players born in 2008 and older can register for the ClubFootball Skills League (Level 2) or for ClubFootball League Teams (Level 3)!The ClubFootball Skills League (Level 2) is designed for players who already have the basic skills and are ready to progress to a more match-oriented type of training programme and from Spring 2017 also runs at ISB. The league is great fun and offers the players an ideal environment to continue their technical development, and to play competitive football in a positive environment.


Each week, students attend for 90-110 mins depending on their age, with the session split into a first half of technical training, and a second half of league matches. Technical training focuses on the skills and techniques required for matchplay, and students put these into practice in the matchplay session each week. Skills League teams are small to ensure maximum time on the ball for each player, and students play in all positionns to develop positional awareness and a full understanding of the game. Teams are organized by coaches (with friends playing together as much as possible, of course!), and students stay in the same teams for the length of the mini-season. After 5-6 weeks, coaches will reorganize teams to ensure matches remain balanced and everyone has a positive and healthy footballing experience.


Please click here for more on ClubFootball's 3-stage junior coaching structure, and what each level entails, and please see schedules below,


New players of all levels are welcome to attend a free taster class to try out the class before deciding whether to register. For details of the free taster class schedule please click here.


Course Information


In addition to regular session times, all players are invited (and encouraged!) to take part in the Nike ClubFootball Junior Cup, the weekend 'Festival of Football' at ISB on 4/5th November 2017.


As it is the beginning of a brand new academic year, all students are required to purchase a new 2017/18 ClubFootball uniform. Uniform consists of Nike shirt, Nike shorts, socks, and Nike shinpads, with RRP of over 400 Rmb!


Course Dates: Midweek courses run from 5th Sept to 24th Nov, and on 4/5th Nov, players are invited to take part in the Nike ClubFootball Junior Cup at ISB. Classes are held outdoors, but move inside if the AQI Reading is over 150. There are no classes on 24th Oct, 16th and 17th Nov, and from 3-6th October 2017.


Please note: Pre-K students must be collected from their homeroom and brought to soccer class by their parents or carers. Pre-K students are not permitted to take the after school activity bus home after the session.


International School of Beijing (ISB) - Midweek Skills Courses
GradeDaySession Time

Course Fee

(with kit)

PK4Thursday 15:35 - 16:25 RMB 1250
K1Tuesday  15:35 - 16:35  RMB 1400
K1Wednesday14:35 - 15:35RMB 1500
K1Thursday 15:35 - 16:35 RMB 1400
2/3Tuesday15:35 - 16:35RMB 1400
2/3Wednesday 14:35 - 15:35 RMB 1500
4/5Wednesday 14:35 - 15:35 RMB 1500


International School of Beijing (ISB) - Saturday Skills Courses
GradeCourse TypeDate of BirthSession Time

Course Fee

(with kit)

K/1Skills Course2011.09.01 - 2013.08.3108:50 - 09:50RMB 1750
2/3Skills Course2009.09.01 - 2011.08.3110:00 - 11:00RMB 1750

Saturdays: Sept: 2, 9, 16, 23. Oct: 14*, 21, 28. Nov 4, 11, 18, 25

(*ISB fields are unavailable on Oct 14 - classes held at BSB Shunyi).

The class on Sat 4th Nov is the Nike ClubFootball Junior Cup, a festival of football at ISB!


International School of Beijing (ISB) - Saturday Skills Leagues
GradeCourse TypeDate of BirthSession Time

Course Fee

(with kit)

4/5Skills League2007.09.01 - 2009.08.3111:05 - 12:55RMB 2350
6/8Skills League2004.09.01 - 2007.08.3111:05 - 12:55RMB 2350

Saturdays: Sept: 2, 9, 16, 23. Oct: 14*, 21, 28. Nov 4, 11, 18, 25

(*ISB fields are unavailable on Oct 14 - classes held at BSB Shunyi).

The class on Sat 4th Nov is the Nike ClubFootball Junior Cup, a festival of football at ISB!

International School of Beijing (ISB) - Sunday Skills Courses
GradeCourse TypeDate of BirthSession Time

Course Fee

(with kit)

Mini/PreKSkills Course2013.09.01 - 2014.08.31 08:50 - 09:40RMB 1500 
K/1Skills Course2011.09.01 - 2013.08.3109:50 - 10:50RMB 1750 
2/3Skills Course2009.09.01 - 2011.08.3111:00 - 12:00RMB 1750 

Sundays: Sept: 3, 10, 17, 24. Oct: 15, 22, 29. Nov 5, 12, 19, 26.

The class on Sun 5th Nov is the Nike ClubFootball Junior Cup, a festival of football at ISB!



Course Notes


Important Update: All parents are asked to read the club's Discount & Refund Policies and Bad Weather & Pollution Policies before registering. Please note that the both policies have been updated for Spring 2017. The Registrations Policy sets out rules for discounts and refunds, and also clarifies venue rules and tips on how to get the best from your course.  The Bad Weather & Pollution policies clarify procedures for cancellations due to rain and snow, and sets out API limits for each type of course, as well as the procedures to be followed should pollution readings require cancellation. 


In particular, please note that to ensure parents have quick access to weather information, cancellations due to weather will be posted on the club’s WGQXJuniors Weixin/WeChat account. Please note that from Spring 2017, to ensure the fastest possible access to information for parents, weather info will only be posted on the club's Weixin account and not on the club website.


Please note WGQXJuniors is set up especially for players registered on ClubFootball courses. Please follow this account for latest updates and important news on venue changes and weather issues.


How To Register


Please note that students unavailable for these class-times can contact us for details on other courses nearby. To ensure groups are well-organised, players are asked to complete their registration and pay thier course fee as soon as possible. Places are limited and are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.


  • At ISB: At one of the registration days - outside the MS/HS Cafe on Fri 25th or Tue 29th August, from 14:30-16:00.


  • At ClubFootball: China ClubFootball, Unit A316, Door 3, Zone A1, Zhaowei Huadeng Plaza, Zhaowei Building #51, 14 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District. (Tel: (010) 5130 6893/4/5/6), open Monday to Friday, 9am - 6pm


  • By phone/email: Please call ClubFootball on 5130 6893/4/5/6 or email us to register.  Please note that course registrations can only be accepted with the correct course fee.  Please contact us for bank details if you prefer to pay course fees by bank transfer.

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